I decided to try Tony’s 6 week plan as it was very affordable as a student and I needed that extra push to get serious with my weight loss.Tony was professional, friendly and very understanding of my injury, he tailored workout plans for me and was very supportive when I had down days.


The workouts were great, and I noticed significant progress (especially with my stamina) in the first few weeks, I gained knowledge about keeping fit in general and after the 6 weeks, feel very confident going into my future workout plans. I would highly recommend Tony, he clearly has a passion for what he does and shows genuine care into your progress, I lost a total of 8lbs while with him whilst gaining strength. Thank you so much!    Alex Key

Tony is a great motivator and the word impossible does not exist in his world 🙂 it has been a great journey training with him for the past 7 months. I feel stronger and fitter and my muscles are more defined. I would recommend anyone who wants to be pushed to their limits and beyond, to train with him and learn how to keep it up. Very motivational and won’t allow you to give up!    Shereen De Vos

I have an extremely stressful job working a lot of hours, I used to do general exercise including the gym.  But found the time to continue very difficult due to work. Naturally I put on weight over a two year period from 14 to 16 stone I was tired had lower concentration levels and poor sleep. Tony has been my personal trainer for nearly 4 months. I found Tony form a Google search. First there was a phone call then a free session to gauge my fitness. After a 5 minute row, half a dozen press ups, I nearly collapsed! That told me all I needed to know about my fitness level (or lack of!).  I immediately signed up to the 6 week introductory offer. After just 2 weeks I felt an improvement.


3 months later I signed up to more sessions and now have a long term goal.  Tony doesn’t clock watch, he makes sure the sessions ends as needed.  I try to book regular sessions, but due to work this isn’t always possible.  Tony accommodates for this. I feel stronger, fitter, healthier, happier. Does it burn? Yes.  Does it hurt? Yes.  Does it work? YES!  I look forward to every session, can’t recommend him enough.    Paul Cole

Not only is Tony a fantastic trainer who gets results, he is fun, easy to get on with and is always really positive. I was a competitive athlete for over 10 years and in that time I trained with a lot of coaches and experienced a lot of training styles. The thing I really enjoy about training with Tony is that he is super creative, I’m doing exercises I’ve not done before and he pushes me to my limit in a safe environment.    Becky Miles

Tony is amazing. As someone who plays sport already but needed someone to push me to the limits, Tony has been faultless. He will always make sure I give my best in order to better myself. He helped me to loose a stone and a half and get extremely fit! I went from not being able to run 2.5k to being able to run 10k in an hour. Best money I have ever spent!!! Thanks Tony!    Robyn Elise Hendrie

Brilliant, positive, fun, motivational, challenging, I can not recommend Tony enough! He will get you the results and make it not feel like hard work. One of the most committed and professional trainers I know…. If you want to see results then Tony is the trainer for you.    Maddy Greenwood

Tony has helped me ENORMOUSLY to get out of the mindset of telling myself that “I can’t do it”. His drive and passion for your results is the most encouraging thing!! If you want to get fit or fitter I highly recommend him!    Alice McCabe